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Termites eat raw wood. The more raw wood you have, the easier it is for the termites to start a colony. We can eliminate this raw wood as a food source by spraying it with a salt-based product.  Simply put, termites cannot digest salt.  Since salt is a mineral, it will not break down unless it's exposed to excessive moisture; thus providing an indefinite residual.  This treatment will prevent termites, fungus, dry rot, and wood boring beetles!


We can spray your attic to greatly reduce the amount of food that termites have access to.  Once a house is built, the majority of the raw wood is either located in the attic or the sub structure (for raised foundations).  These are also the areas that are most prone to new infestations.



Spraying all the wood on a new structure is the absolute best way to protect it.  We can apply a preventative treatment that will last indefinitely to prevent termites, fungus, and dry rot!  These treatments often include a warranty for 5-30 years depending on the construction and application.  To learn more click here:


Subterranean termites are also an issue in Southern California.  A soil injection can be applied to control and prevent this species from attacking your home.

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