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Rodents can carry harmful diseases as well as pheromones that will attract more rodents.  A mouse only needs a dime-size hole to enter while a rat only needs a quarter-size hole.  When treating for a rodent infestation, it's important to find a professional company that can properly seal them out and create a safe breathing environment for you and your family.  We offer two different types of rodent treatments; exclusions and bait stations.


A rodent exclusion means that we seal all entry points to exclude the rodents from entering the home.  Clean Cut Termite uses high quality materials that will withstand time and weather.  We have a 3-step approach that provides an all encompassed treatment plan.


Seal all holes where rodents can enter your structure.


Deodorize, Sanitize, and apply a virucide to areas were rodents have infested.


Set traps to ensure that nothing has been trapped inside the home during the exclusion.

Exclusions include a 2-year warranty with an optional annual extension thereafter.

*Pricing is determined by several factors such as construction, roof type, size of structure, number of entry points, and overall severity of infestation.  Most jobs range between $800-$1800.  In order to provide pricing we need to perform a free inspection.



It's no secret that rodent populations are growing in Southern California.  These populations can grow in a very short period of time.  They can do severe damage to a cars electrical wires (which are currently being coated with soy products by manufactures).  They will also start to look for safe places to eat & nest, such as your home!


To knock these populations down it may be necessary to use bait stations.

When baiting these stations, it's important to use a bait that the rodents will actually eat.  We have found that soft baits work the best for both rats and mice.  It's really all about competing food sources.  If a rat has a choice between a piece of fruit that dropped from a tree or a wax filled bait, it's probably going to choose the fruit.  Soft baits combine all the nutritional things that rodents are craving.  They are also coated with oils instead of waxes; which attracts the rodents to the food.


Currently we only offer bait stations with regular pest control programs, or on large commercial buildings, and HOA's. 

*Pricing is based on how many bait stations are to be placed at a property and how often you want them serviced.  Please contact us for pricing.

*We cannot prevent a rodent from entering your backyard or running on a fence/wall.

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