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In California we have two species of termites that require actual treatment; drywood and subterranean.  Each are treated in completely different ways. 

*Our Termite bids are free of charge but the reports are not formatted for escrow purposes.  If you need an escrow formatted report, then we start at $150. 



Subterranean Termites are not as common as drywood termites but they are in Southern California and they are much more destructive due to the size of a single colony (couple hundred thousand).  They can live 20-70 feet deep in the soil and can travel up to 300 feet from the nest!  Their inherit nature is to travel through the dark; which makes them especially difficult to find.  Often times they travel underground and come up behind the stucco, making it only possible for superman to find them.


We prefer to apply an eco-friendly chemical barrier vs. bait stations because it's more cost effective and protects the home much better.  We use a people, plant, and pet friendly product that is injected into the ground to control/eliminate subterranean termites.  A chemical barrier is injected all the way around the entire foundation.  This forces them to walk through the product (unknowingly) and carry it back to the nest where it's passed throughout the colony through regurgitation, grooming, and catabolism.   The treatment takes about 4-6 weeks to completely eliminate the colony.

*Pricing will vary based on the size of the structure and how much concrete needs to be drilled.  Most jobs range between $1,500-$2,000 and come with a 4-year warranty.


Every single pesticide that is labeled for subterranean termites states that a complete barrier should be applied around the entire foundation (not to exceed 18" injections) if a live infestation is found. For this reason, we do not offer a local "spot" treatment for subterranean termites.  We treat at intervals of 12-14" to ensure the absolute best treatment.  



In Southern California you pretty much either have drywood termites or you will most likely get them eventually.  By the time you see evidence, they have already been there a while.  Ignoring this evidence will eventually lead to damage which is more costly than treatment.  Relax, your home is not going to fall down!  The important question is, "what type of treatment should you do"?  A good inspector will collect enough information to determine whether a local treatment will be successful or whether the structure needs to be fumigated (tented).  Both approaches have their pros and cons.  It's important to have an inspector who will give you a non-bias opinion.  Nobody really wants to fumigate their home, but sometimes it's absolutely necessary.  We feel we have a moral obligation to our customers to be transparent about the truth.


Fumigation (AKA- Tenting) is the most complete and successful way to eliminate drywood termites if it's done correctly.  The fumigation process involves trapping Vikane gas under the tent.  To ensure a 100% kill, the tent needs to be sealed correctly, the home's cubic footage needs to be measured properly, and the gas needs at least 14 hours to kill the termites.   The gas is aerated the second day and the tent is removed on the third day.  There is no residual to the gas which means that you do not have to cleananything when you move back in. 

*Pricing is based on the cubic footage of the entire structure. 


Local treatments can be very successful and tenting can usually be avoided.  The success of this treatment depends on the thoroughness of the inspection and the skill of the technician treating.  Non-repellent chemical injections are most effective due to residual properties and transfer effects (think of it like Covid).  Most local treatments do not require vacating the home as the pesticides are considered people, plant, and pet friendly.  *Pricing is based on the size of the home and the amount of infestation.  

*Most of our jobs range between $1,700-$2,500 for local treatment, which includes a 4 year warranty on the whole structure.  Preventative treatment for both drywood and subterranean termites is also included in our local treatment plans.

*If pricing is an issue, then we can put together a treatment plan that might work better for your needs.  We start as low as $400 for a spot treatment with a one year warranty  on that spot.

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